Slip Trips and FallsSlips Trips And Falls

These are the most common type of non fault incidents and can occur in many different ways and places. Often a trip is associated with a fall as a result of a defective public pavement , whether raised or sunken, and is the responsibility of the local Council. However, for a claim to be actionable against the Council, certain criteria must be satisfied.

Usually a client will have to prove that the defect has existed for over 6 months (if a busy walkway) without the Council inspecting the safety of the pavement, that the defect has a tripping point of more than an inch, photographic evidence of the defect can be provided and finally you can prove you suffered an injury. However, there are other times when people slip on spillages within public places or trip over protruding objects which are a foreseeable hazard to the public. Falls can occur down staircases due to lack of handrails or defective steps.

If you have suffered a trip, slip or fall and are uncertain as to whether you have a potential claim call o Excel Law solicitors for free legal advice.

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