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According to statistics road traffic accidents occur every day due to negligent driving and innocent people, who are involved in an accident and who are injured, often do not pursue a claim because they do not know how to commence the process or even know what they are entitled to claim for. Whether you are the non fault driver, a passenger travelling in either the non fault driver or fault driver's vehicle, or a child, you are entitled to pursue a claim for personal injuries.

As a non fault driver you are entitled to pursue a claim for personal injuries, the damage sustained to your vehicle, travel and medical expenses you have incurred, any care and assistance you have required and any loss of earnings as a result of you not being able to work due to your injuries. Provided you have obtained the responsible driver's registration number and name, we have sufficient information to commence investigations into any claim you want to pursue.

As a passenger travelling in either the responsible driver's vehicle or the non fault driver's vehicle you too can pursue a claim for personal injuries and other losses you have incurred as you are an innocent victim and are entitled to 100% compensation notwithstanding how liability is apportioned between the drivers involved in the accident. Children can also pursue a claim, through their parents/guardian for psychological and physical injuries and any award offered by the defendant insurers must be approved by a court as explained above, under the child injury claims.

However, if the driver responsible for the accident fails to stop at the scene of the accident and exchange details, known as 'hit and run' and is untraceable or is uninsured this does not prevent you from pursuing a claim. Your claim will be submitted to the Motor Insurers Bureau which is a government funded body specifically set up to consider applications made by a client as a result of being involved in an accident with uninsured or untraced driver.

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